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June, 2002
In traveling around Yunnan, I found many interesting people. I just couldn't help taking pictures of them. So, here is my collection of people pictures from around Yunnan. Some don't really have a story, but if they do, I have a little note below it. Cute Asian Kid on back
Tibetan Monks in Monastery facial expression tennis shoes
Notice their shoes and their facial expressions.

Tibetan Family clothes garb face photo picture
Cool Hat man on hill squatting
Cute Asian Girl with flowers in a field
This little girl was trying to trade her flowers for my watch. It was tempting.....

Cute Chinese Kids Bicycles confused photo
I was with two friends when we came back to our bicycles - there was this cute little kid playing on them. His mom came over and really liked us taking pictures of him and brought over another kid. I tried talking to his mother, but I couldn't understand her accent.

Chinese Lady With Sunglasses old new expression face
I particularly like the sunglasses.

Fun Chinese Girl In Yunnan
The friends I was traveling with and I played with this little girl for several hours. She was incredibly friendly. One night, we had about 7 kids playing with us. It was much fun.

Kyle Reed With Cute Tibetan Girl
Yes, the tall one on the right is me. This would have been a fun halloween costume.

Kid With Dead Animal chicken smiling
As I was walking along a market, I saw a chicken get killed - nothing new. But, I realized that I didn't have any pictures of this sort of thing, so I asked if I could take a picture. They were happy to let me, but they grabbed this checken and gave it to this litttle boy. He thought it was great fun to be holding a dead chicken and getting his picture taken.

Kyle Reed holding Yak
Chinese bumpy bus mother and daughter care
Monastery discussion monks photo picture
Tibetan Monastery gathering eating food
Chinese old woman Yunnan doorway traditional clothing
Kyle Reed with Chinese woman
sewing ladies in China grumpy traditional
Umbrellas On Chinese Tour Group in sunlight
Is it raining? No, it's just too sunny. On a hot day, I have also been known to pull out an umbrella. It looks strange, but it does keep me a little cooler. People here do it because they don't want to get dark - that is a sign of being a peasant.

Kyle Reed near clear waterfall
Burial grave in Southwest China ceremony
This is a reburial ceremony.

Chinese women in Southwest China with classic traditional building architecture
Kyle Reed and friends
These are some of the friends I was traveling with. In this square in LiJiang, many people just sit around and talk. We talked to the guy in the middle of us for quite a while. He is the oldest man I have talked to with English as good as his. I generally find that younger people have better English.

Tibetan Family little girl classic clothes

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