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Foreign Travel

June, 2002
The following pictures are from the beautiful scenery around some of Yunnan, in China. This area is near Tibet, so some of it may look a little similar. Yunnan is in the Southwest of China bordering Tibet (also part of China), Burma, Laos, and Vietnam.

Panoramic of village in Shang Ri La

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An overview picture of where I stayed for a few nights. This is LiJiang. The next four are pictures from around the town.

Traditional Chinese Architecture
Emperor palace
Chinese village
Chinese King Home.jpg
Dark Alley in China village
An alleyway at night under a nearly full, but slightly obstructed moon.

ShangRiLa Panoramic of village

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Here is DaLi, another little town I stayed at for a few nights. Not as big as LiJiang, but very nice and fun to meet the locals. This entire area is near a mythical place called Shang Ri La or Shangrila. I have read that people claim it exists in several different places. It is just supposed to be the most beautiful place on earth.

Chinese Chess Board
Ever play Chinese Chess? It has the same root as the chess played in America, but to overcome inadequacies in the original version, changes were made that created two very different games. Each is interesting and take some learning to figure out. I tried to move one of the pieces, but wasn't strong enough. Most boards are smaller, there is even a pocket version.

holding up the mountain
These twigs are strong than you think they are. We had a guide since this area was supposedly not very safe and he told us that these twigs were holding up the mountain. People thought this rock (next picture) might fall, so the propped it up with twigs. I haven't done an analysis, but my hunch is that it doesn't make much difference.

Tumbling Rock
Here is the rock being supported by twigs.

Caving in China spelunking
Ever been in a cave with flourescent lights all around? Well, that is what many of the caves in China look like. It's pretty, but doesn't look natural at all.

Hilarious Jay Leno Headlines
So, what am I supposed to do with it?

Panoramic of Tibetan village

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This is a Tibetan Monastery in Yunnan. It's supposed to be as close to Tibet as you can get without being in Tibet. TIbet is expensive and hard to get into.

Monastery near Tibet
It is very peaceful and calm here.

Yunnan pretty
This was a nice stroll in a meadow on the top of a hill.

Sound of Music
taller than Colorado Rockies
A nice meadow overlooking the very tall mountain I went to the top of.

Near Mount Everest K2
On may way to the top of a large mountain. The clouds made this area absolutely beautiful.

15,000 feet high
Nexus Sitting Pathway
At the top was a little platform. It kind of felt like I was sitting on top of the world.

Typical Sight In China
I went a little out of bounds. There was a sign saying: "This area closed," but I went anyway. I guess this broken path was the reason.

Glacier near Nepal Katmandu
Even though I was there two days after the Summer Solstice, it was still freezing and had a large glacier.

Kyle Reed flying
This is me at the top. Now, for anyone who doesn't know the conversion, to convert meters into feet you multiply by 3.28. It was a little hard to breath up there and I got a little dizzy a couple times.

Tall Mountain near Tibet and Nepal
Don't worry too much though, as in the rest of China, there was a shortcut up here. They have Asias tallest Cable Car, so I got up in about 30 minutes. But, I still got to walk for a couple kilometers to get to the pseudo top. The top of the mountain is actually another 1000 meters up (about 18000 feet), but I did not have the equipment necessary to go, nor was there anyone willing to go with me. It was fun being at 15350 feet though.
The following are three panoramic pictures I took from the top.

Panoramic of vista

(click here to see this pano bigger)

Panoramic of the top of the world
(click here to see this pano bigger)

Panoramic of large Tibetan Mountain
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