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Foreign Travel

June, 2002
These are pictures of my trip to Taiwan. My friend from Los Alamos, Lauren, is doing research there for a couple months and was able to see her. It was very good to see a friend from home. I spent about a week in the upper and middle part of Taiwan.

Lauren Kyle icecream eatingTaiwan
One night, we thought some nice ice cream was a good idea. I thought we should have split the five scoop, but Lauren only wanted the 3 scoop (and this is the girl that I lost an eating contest to).

dock harbor
We went hiking near the Nothern most point of Taiwan. We basically just picked a small town and decided to take a bus there. We didn't know what we'd find, but we found a little town with many boats and a nice hiking trail. We spent the afternoon hiking around, which was wonderful.

colorful spider web poisonous
A few minutes into the hike, we found a pretty little spider. It's body was about two inches long. Within the next hundred meters, we found about 10 more just like it. It gave both of us the creeps. We never did figure out if it was poisonous or not though.

rocky waves blue water
We came across a beach. It was very pretty and fun to walk on. There were a lot of crabs, but they are really shy and all jumped out of our way before we could get a picture of them.

stick figure do not fall
We were guessing this sign meant don't jump or don't fall, but it also looks like it could mean diving allowed. The stick figure just wasn't so descriptive.

hiking walking coast
A typical Chinese paved hiking trail. Very nice hiking though.

rocky crash splash
Watching the waves crash on the rocks was very refreshing in the hot sun. We really wanted to go swimming, but the rocks made it a little dangerous.

fishing ocean
There were a lot of fishermen along this beach.

Lauren Kyle rock climber studly man
Lauren has always been the better rock climber of the two of us....

dog peeing construction working
If you know what this sign is advertising, please let me know. I don't have a clue.

grasshopper eating crunchy Lauren
One night, we decided to try something new. This is Lauren deciding whether she really wants to eat her grasshoper. She did, but gave the head to me. Ther aren't too bad, but they are a little too crunchy.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, and good will toward men.  Christ religion Christian
This is in the National Palace Museum. It has many artifacts from China's history. It was fascinating to see some of the stuff and everything was laid out really well. The artifacts were all taken from Mainland China before the cultural revolution, which was good because everything historical was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976). Pictures weren't allowed in most of the places, so I didn't take many.

arch Chinese architechure
This is the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. He is basically the founder of Taiwan as it is known today. He is very similar to what Mao is in Mainland China, but it's political because Taiwan is and isn't China. Odd situation. One difference between Mao and Chiang is that many people are realizing that Mao messed the country up, but Chiang helped them.

Taiwan leader not communism
If he were made of metal, that is what Chiang Kai Shek would look like.

guarding hot fan big gun
They had two guards watching the memorial. It was very hot and I felt sorry for them, but noticed the fans behind them. I thought that was nice.

TaiPai memorial
A little park near the memorial.

handstand acrobat gymnastics
pyramid acrobatics gymnastics
diablo China kids playing
A dance hall near the memorial. OUtside there were many students dancing, doing gymnastics, and other interesting things. It was an odd sight.

motorcycles zoom fast
These typse of scooters are very popular in Taiwan. They have a max speed of about 45 miles per hour and aren't allowed on the freeways.

reading China
It seems that everywhere in China is obsessed with naked boys reading books. I have seen statues like this in many places.

intersection night traffic
A busy night street. Most cities look similar around the world. The only difference is the writing on the signs.

sleeping together caught red handed private eye detective
I wasn't sure what this was a sign for. I asked a friend when I got back and it is for a detective agency, I guess something like a private eye. See if you spouse is cheating on you.

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