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Here are some pictures of the school I work at, SZSY (ShenZhen Shi Yan).

courtyard Shenzhen Experimental school P.R.China
This is the courtyard in the middle of all the classrooms.

People's Republic of China school
This is the building above the courtyard. The elevator on the right, which only teachers can use. There are four classrooms on two sides of the courtyard on each floor (8 total per floor).

school observatory SZSY
Here is the top of the building. It has a nice telescope, but I don't see the point of it. I have never seen more than 7 stars at a time since I have been here.

calistenics Physical Education
Each and every morning, the students do exercises. All the students come out to the field and do various types of exercises ranging from jumping jacks to stretches.

asian school girls cute Chinese
Here are two pictures one of my favorite classes. They are a lot of fun. They enjoyed having their pictures taken, but didn't know where to look. I plugged my camera into the projector screen, so many of them are looking at it instead of the camera.

chinese high school
This particular class has fewer girls than boys. Just the way it worked out. I think there were 7 or 8 boys total in the class of forty something. Anytime I call on one of the boys, the girls start laughing.

devil building woman statue
This is a picture near my school at night. This is at the stadium they use for their sporting events. In the background you can see the landmark building (Di Wan). Because it has two little towers, it is always easy to figure out where you are when you can see it. And, it had a laser shooting out of it all the time.

downtown fascination
This is a pretty night picture about 2 minutes from my school.

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