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Foreign Travel

March, 2002
My parents came to visit me. It was great to see them again. They visited me for about 9 days, but went to Hong Kong for a couple days in the middle to let me catch up on my teaching. We spent the first weekend in Shenzhen. I showed them all around the area I live in. Overall, we had a great time.

cute asian girl waitress Sichuan Chinese
I took them to my favorite restaurant in Shenzhen. It's a Sichuan restaurant with a lot of spicy food. Here is a picture of one of the waitresses pouring some near boiling water out of one of the neatest tea pots I have ever seen. Usually the guys do it, but they were busy, so she is concentrating extra hard as can be seen on her face. My parents are a little nervous as the hot water is splashing everwhere.

parents Kyle boat ride tour
The second weekend, we went to Guilin, about 800 kilometers from Shenzhen. We took a river boat down the first day. This was beautiful going down the Li River. The next four pictures show the beauty of the area.

YangShuo typical Chinese beauty
gorgeous tall skinny mountains river
towering mountains peaks
Chinese village river boats tour building

parents Kyle Guilin YangShuo valley
The next day, we went bicycle riding around some of the villages. It was great. We were out pretty much all day and were exhausted when we got back.

man plowing field ox China
We got to see a lot of the locals at work.

selling trinkets peddling buying
My mom made friends with the locals. Either that or they were trying to get her to buy something else. Were they successful? Look in her hand....

climbing hiking top valley stunning
In the middle of the day, we hiked up about 850 stairs to the top of Moon Hill. It was a nice hike with a wonderful view at the top. We had three Chinese ladies accompany us up the hill. They were fun to talk with.

hill valley good view village
Ahh, so cute....

top of the world tall hills
Dad photographs panoramics
Just couldn't help but take lots of pictures.

corrant fishing village Chinese local
One night, we went on a fishing boat. The way they fish is a little different. They send these birds into the water to get the fish and then take the fish out of the birds throats when they get back on the boat. It's kind of cruel since they tie the birds throats shut to prevent the fish from getting all the way down.

shopping foreigners tourist
This is the town we stayed in, actually called Yang Shuo. We had a nice view of the town from a balcony on our last night there.

old little small Chinese woman
The next morning, we ate at the same place, on the balcony. A little old woman waved at us from the ground selling some oranges. My Dad decided to go buy some from her. He chased her down the street and caught up with her. He bought them, as shown in this picure. About 10 minutes later, she came walking down the street with an empty basket. She seemed very proud that she had sold them all as she was giving us the thumbs up sign.

shopping peddlers buying shopping carts
Another view of the town we stayed at with the scenery in the background.

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