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October, 2001
Here are some pictures conveying the teaching experiences I have been having since I arrived in Shenzhen (well, there is a lot of other non-teaching stuff thrown on here too). Mostly, it's been good, but there have been periods of frustration and irritation, but that naturally happens when one is in a completely new environment.

Well, being the foreigners that we are, we get noticed. Within the first week, this article was in the newspapers. Basically, it has some pictures of us (I'm in the top right) and explainations of what we will be doing (teaching English).

formal binding contracts
This is one of the big events - signing our contracts. It essentially says that we will work for a year and they will provide us with the basic needs for living here.

English Chinese no speak
The formal handskake. This is the vice headmaster. There was some confusion and they forgot to call the school about this meeting, so it was a last minute arrangement. It worked out fine, but I have not seen Mr. He since then.

Kyle Mr. He Steven contracts
Here are the other two guys that are teaching at the school with me (left -> right: me, Mr. He, Steven, and Nathaniel - it's funny to hear the Chinese try to say Nathaniel).

walking around downtown fish market
Out to the streets. This was us wandering around for the first couple days before we started teaching.

McDonalds China first ever October 10th, 1991
Here is a nice contrast between traditional China and the infiltration of other societies. This is the first McDonalds in China. It was established on October 10th, 1991. They have a plaque commemorating that day at the entrance, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I left.

cool buildings interesting
Some of the cool looking buildings in Shenzhen.

bamboo building tied
Scaffolding as we know it does not exist, instead, bamboo is a much cheaper alternative.

The next four pictures are some night shots of Shenzhen. These were taken from the hotel we stayed at the first couple nights.
Shenzhen skyline pretty
Shenzhen night sky
old tear down no maintenance
Shenzhen Kyle relfecting glass
The last one is me looking out over my new home for a year.

Kyle Steven Chinese lunch
Our first day of teaching and we are still smiling. We've told many funny stories at lunch since then.

uniforms TeachersDay lined up
Here are all the teachers at my school. Yes, they have a uniform. I also will have a uniform, but they had to order some for us. I'm quite excited....

The next five pictures are of Teachers Day. This is a day to celebrate all the teachers. This happened on the second Monday I was here. It was quite nice. There was a large assembly and all the students were dressed in their formal uniforms. They presented each teacher a set of flowers and some got awards.
celebration student uniforms
cute asian girls with flowers Chinese
These are the girls that gave each of the teachers a set of flowers.

not really mad angry
The angry looking guy is the headmaster. He is actually a nice person, but we have not seen him much since he is so busy and doesn't speak much English. Due to the way they talk, the Chinese often sound mad when they talk. It just has to do with their intonations.

students like their teacher
"We Love You" is flashed to their teacher as the students show their respect and love for their teacher.

famous again Teachers Day
Again, I made it into the local papers. The picture at the bottom center is when I received my flowers. The girl was nice, but we didn't have long to chat.

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