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Foreign Travel

September, 2001
Here are some pictures conveying the non-teaching experiences I have been having since I arrived in Shenzhen. Mostly, it's been good, but there have been periods of frustration and irritation, but that naturally happens when one is in a completely new environment.

saxophone singing park
At a park nearby, a group of Chinese were playing various instruments and singing and dancing. It was fun too watch.

Chinese instruments band
The singers really get into it. This instrument is called an er hu. (Thank you Ying Long for telling me the name of it.)

Chinese kid cute sunglasses
We saw this guy and thought he was so cute. There are so many cute kids like this around here.

relaxation day beach
What else do I need to say?

harbor Shenzhen
studly tan
Here is the group of us that went to the beach. We have been twice now.

umbrella watching the waves
Swimming and tanning are not the norms at these beaches. Chinese actually don't like sun - they avoid it as can be seen by the umbrellas. If you are tan, it must mean you work in the sun, so you are a laborer, which is a lower class. The beaches get a lot more crowded around the evening time.

Asian girls watching water
No swimming for these girls, they just came to look.

umbrella family China cute
Another one of those really cute kids....

cell phone talking in water beach
"If I only had internet access too...."

Hong Kong harbor panoramic
Well, we went to Hong Kong for two days and a night. We weren't sure when we would be able to go, but our multi-entry visas actually came right before we had a free weekend. We were pretty happy, so we packed up and took off.

HK P.R.China
We got in at night, so of course, we went to the bay and watched the buildings across the bay with cool changing lights.

HK cheap room
We were a little cramped on the beds. I banged my head on the head board in the morning when I was stretching since my feet were touching the wall at the other side.

bed door
As you can also see, the rooms aren't much bigger than the beds.

shower toilet combo
The Chinese are very efficient with space - if you think about it, it makes sense to put the toilet directly under the shower. This is what we had for the night - none of us tried the shower, because our towels.... We did get the place for what would be 7 US dollars each.

typical Hong Kong street signs
The nice streets of Hong Kong. Very crowded - a little too much for my taste.

double decker busses British
Here, the Britist influence is noticeable with the three double decker buses and driving from the right side of the car.

fast pased life HK
Traffic movies quite fast, we almost got hit a couple times. "One thing I can say, it definitely keeps you one your toes." (Name the movie this quote comes from.)

mirror Hong Kong
Here are the four people I was traveling with. (your left to my left: Keeyeon (key-on), Amanda, Jennie, and myself)

HK underground
And, the speedy transportation, which is very nice and modern. It's got lots of flashing lights and actually tells you the temperature outside.

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