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Travels around China

I spent a year in China from August 2001 until August 2002. On the left is a list in chronological order of my travels and experiences around different parts of China. Below, on this page, are a few things I've noticed in traveling around the world - I first started noticing these in China, but have since been around Germany and other Asian countries. Basically, things are not so different around the world.

Hong Kong, China

Chicago, USA
Big cities around the world are generally fairly similar when seen from afar. The individual buildings look a little different, but they generally have the same shape - tall and skinny. Maybe what is found in the cities is different - let's see.

Di Wan, Shenzhen, China

Sears Tower, Chicago, USA
This isn't the best angle of the Sears Tower, but they both have similar spires at the top. So, even some of the buildings look similar.

Woman's World, Shenzhen, China

The Louvre, Paris, France
I repeatedly saw this statue in front of a store called Woman's World, near where I lived in China. I went with my parents to Paris. In one of the museums, I saw this statue. It looked familar to me, but I couldn't place it. Later, when I was looking at my China pictures, I saw it again and figured out where I had seem it. The same things are always coming up everywhere I go.

LiJiang, Yunnan, China

Paris, France
Such a convenient way to carry kids around. They get to see the world from a higher perspective and they don't way too much yet, so it isn't too hard. Raising kids around the world isn't so different.

Forbidden City
Beijing, China

Inbetween Santa Fe and Albuquerque
New Mexico, USA
So, I would classify this as a difference. Los Alamos is where the first nuclear bomb was developed and people grumble and complain about it all the time, kind of like this billboard. There is a yearly march against Los Alamos protesting the development of weapons. Contrast this with China where any sort of protest will result in getting arrested. We saw a woman getting escorted away by cops while we were on Tianamen Square (remember 1989?). Freedom of speech and how the government works around the world is not so similar. I never did figure out why there was a missile along the side of the Forbidden City.

Yangtze River, China

Lake Michigan, USA
Mmm, yummy Moon Cakes. Ever had one? The first one I had was in China in 2001 during the Moon Festival. We were on a Yangtze River cruise. There were six Caucasians on a boat otherwise full of Chinese (we stood out a little). My second Moon Cake was on a Lake cruise just off of Chicago during the Moon Festival of 2003. This time, I was with a friend from China, but still on a boat full of Chinese (I still stood out a little). I guess this shows that people will tend to bring their traditions with them (even to new countries) and unless you embrace them, you might not get to know them very well. Everyone is the same in the sense that they have traditions, but the traditions they keep can be quite different.

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