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My Chinese students (Freshman)

These are the students that I taught for most of the year. There are about 400 of them. Unfortunately, there are many that I did not get to know as well as I would have liked to. I was able to get to know some of them pretty well though. I miss teaching them, it was a fun year. June, 2002. (click on a picture for a bigger image)
China students Shenzhen Hong Kong
Class1pict1.jpg Class1pict2.jpg Class1pict3.jpg Class1pict4.jpg
teaching esl english second
Class2pict1.jpg Class2pict2.jpg Class2pict3.jpg Class2pict4.jpg
language chinese China Asia
Class3pict1.jpg Class3pict2.jpg Class3pict3.jpg Class3pict4.jpg
student middle high school
Class4pict1.jpg Class4pict2.jpg Class4pict3.jpg Class4pict4.jpg
freshmen sophomore Junior Senior
Class5pict1.jpg Class5pict2.jpg Class5pict3.jpg Class5pict4.jpg
China Asia ESL many
Class6pict1.jpg Class6pict2.jpg Class6pict3.jpg Class6pict4.jpg
rowdy cute asians chinese
Class7pict1.jpg Class7pict2.jpg Class7pict3.jpg Class7pict4.jpg
young funny black hair learning
Class8pict1.jpg Class8pict2.jpg Class8pict3.jpg Class8pict4.jpg

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