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December, 2001
The following are some pictures that are around the joyous Christmas Season. Yes, they do actually have some celebrations for Christmas in China, even though Santa Claus forgot to visit me over here. :( Or, maybe it is my fault, I didn't leave a forwarding address with him and my parents are in Germany. Hmm?

Christ religion season Christian
This is a picture of some nice decorations about ten minutes from my apartment. They got into the Christmas Season rather well. This season presented some opportunities to talk about Christianity with several students and a couple other Chinese friends I met.

tree santa snow
This is actually in GuangZhou, about an hour train ride from here. We went there a couple days after the New Year. It is the capital of GuangDong, the province Shenzhen is in. It was a nice city.

Christmas lights tree stores
my street Shenzhen China
These last two pictures were taken right outside the back gate of my school. The second one shows an interesting problem the Chinese have with putting up Christmas lights - they generally have so many normal lights up, it is hard to tell which ones are the Christmas lights. The second picture shows only one modification to the usual amount of lights they have. If you look hard enough on the left side of the store, you will see a little Christmas tree.

Kyle Lucy Steven celebration religion Christian
From right to left is: Nate, Steve, Lucy (a teacher), and me (all from my school). This is at the Christmas party the program had for us. It was a nice event with many people. Most of the Americans came and we all brought several friends. I brought some Chinese friends, but never got a picture with them. Lucy and I went to a Christian Church several times. She has been a Christian for quite a while. It was very interesting talking with her about it.

twelve days of Christmas
We got to do some skits. I wasn't in this one, but they were singing the 12 days of Christmas.

ping pong game chopsticks
Christmas game stomp
These last two showed some of the games we played. They were interesting, but there were a few to many of them. We got a little tired of them. The first one was pretty funny, the object was to move all the ping pong balls from one bowl to another using only chop sticks. Think that's easy?

Shenzhen school experimental party
This was during dinner of the Christmas Party my school had for us and all the teachers. It was a good time. I like most of the teachers; we get along quite well. I tried to talk about religion with all the teachers, but the night did not go so well in that direction. This was not a good time. Later in the year, I got a much better opportunity to talk about it. There was a teachers meeting that I went to and the discussion was about peoples thoughts on Democracy. They basically said that I should not tell any Chinese about this discussion. We talked a lot about freedom or thoughts and religion and continued to talk with some of them for weeks afterward about it.

Lisa Happy confused funny humor
Here are two of the teachers I work with. I gave them a little puzzle to figure out and here they are working on it. The puzzle was to separate themselves from each other if they each have a string tied around their wrists intermingled with the other persons. I learned this from my mom in Cub Scouts many years ago. It was great fun watching them try to figure it out. I gave these two a sneak preview at school before the party. The next three pictures show some of the rest of them trying to figure it out. They all said they had more fun at this Christmas than they did last year.

humorous tired up
asian Chinese squatting cute girl
hard thinking orient

smiling fun Christmas

Here is another twist you up game we played. They thought these were great fun. Everyone gets in a circle and grabs someones hands (different peoples). Then, the object is to untangle yourselves and make a nice neat circle. The next two pictures shows us also trying to figure it out.

mixed up fun
religion fun party

SZSY teachers
Here are most of the English teachers at my school. There are about 4 that had to leave early and aren't in this. Steven (an American) was unable to be here also.

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