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Foreign Travel

February, 2002
This is the third country I visited. Historically, this was a fascinating country. I am too young to have experienced everything that happened in this country, but in traveling to it, I have learned an incredible amount about it and have started reading some books on the history of it. I didn't have very much time here, but I saw the two biggest things in the country - Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields.

rock brick path
This is at Angkor Wat. This is a collection of temples built about 1000 years ago. It is the national pride.

Palace Angkor Wat
There are all sorts of tunnels and passges to explore.

statue Cambodia
Those steps look a little too big for that kid. Actually, they were almost too big for me.

tomb raider Cambodia movie
Seen Tomb Raider? This is where it was filmed. It inspired me to play around with photography.

pillars shadows
I really did take this picture. When I got home, a friend had bought a book that had this picture on the front cover. I thought it was a little funny.

temple yard rock
climbing temple
Very steep. I was exhausted at the end of the day after walking around to all the temples

double quad exposure digital camera tricks
This whole trip, I wish I had multiple me's so I could be here and there at the same time.

transportation Cambodia river
boat port working
squatting kid on boat
A village built on the water. Kind of like Venice, Italy.

foreigners crowded
They tend to push all the foreigners together, so we end up on boats like this. This boat ride was horrible. The water was choppy, so waves kept splashing up on us. We were completely soaked and the wind made us all very cold. Luckily, it only lasted for four hours.

killing fields memorial
These are the Killing Fields. This was very saddening to me. I basically had my jaw dropped open in utter disbelief at what happened. This was a field where Pol Pot killed more than 8000 of his own countries people. Some were buried alive, some were tortured. It was horrible.

killing fields monument
Here is a memorial for all the people that were killed. It countains more than 5000 skulls they have found in these fields.

torture pain no escape
This is a former school that was turned into a torture center. I cannot believe some of the things they did here. It was designed to torture people as long as they could. They even had ways to prevent the prisoners from commiting suicide to get away from the pain.

killing fields disobey rules
Here are the regulations for the prisoners.

types of turture suffocation Pol Pot
Just one form of torture. Many others included cutting off limbs part by part and starvation. I could not believe what I saw. It really made me appreciate the freedom I have had and the easy life I have had.

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