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August, 2001
Here is a summary of my adventures thus far in Beijing, China. Currently, I am learning how to teach English as a second language and learning Chinese myself. It is going well. I can barter at the markets in Chinese. I have made some friends on the trip and we are having fun visiting all the sites around Beijing together.

baggage flight first impressions
Here we are at the airport looking dumbfounded at actually being in China.

pond Beijing University
This and the next four pictures show what the Beijing Campus looks like. It is really nice and we're lucky to be staying here.

Chinese trees droopy
reflection Beijing pond campus
drawings fabulous school
These are some kids we saw drawing the tower. They were quite impressive.

brass prohibited saxes rule
These signs are found all over the place. I guess they mean no brass instruments are allowed to be played...too bad I didn't bring my saxophone....

University of Memphis foreigners China
A part of the group at the Summer Palace. The next five pictures are at the Summer Palace.

cute Chinese girl foreigners
This has happened several times, but she was the cutest. A Chinese person will come up and ask if they can take their picture with us. This little girl was really cute. She was a little shy, but Amanda and I pursuaded her, at her fathers request, to get her picture taken.

foggy mystical
sightseeing tour
boats lake oriental
This whole area was lined with shops selling all sorts of things.

curved roof

Beijing duck dinner formal
This was a banquet put on by the University of Beijing in honor of us.

Chinese chefs food
This is outside the banquet on the street. Typical of the main streets.

McDonalds Beijing hamburger
Yup, they even have them over there....(McDonalds)

chairman Mao
These next five pictures are in and around Tianamen Square.

Tiananmen Beijing
picture of chairman Mao
missile rocket China Forbidden City
I was curious why there was a missile next to this building. Oh well.

Mark Kyle Emily Billy statue
I don't think we are quite as good as the statue.

racist amazed black man
He was amazed at Luther, a guy in our group that resembles Michael Jordan. I don't think he had seen very many black men before. We talked to him for about 10 minutes while waiting for the lower of the flag in Tianamen Square.

big wall seven 7
A group of us as we start our trek up the Great Wall.

wonders of the world
That's where we are going.

Beijing Great Wall
That's how steep it is.

Chinese girlfriend cute
Here my girlfriend and I half way up.

great wall distance 1500 miles
That's the part we didn't make it to.

pensive contemplative
Here I am looking thoughtfully out the window. In case you were worried, I don't have a girlfriend. That woman just wanted her picture taken with an American.

boring concrete vault
This is at the Ming Tombs. The tombs themselves are really quite dull, but it is absolutely beautiful around them.

Beijing Traffic scary
Taxi rides are always quite interesting. Sometimes I can't really tell which lane we are in or why there are people walking in front of the a car going about 45 km/hour.

Chinese restaurant
Here are some friends eating after shopping at the mud market before heading to the Temple of Heaven (the next four pictures).

Chinese woman sleeping
Very common, people sleep everywhere. Notice how she is holding the bag while she sleeps.

Andrea Kyle squatting China
Temple Heaven
Temple Heaven tour
dragon statue

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