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September, 2001
Here are some more of the adventures I have been on since arriving in China. This is the rest of the time I have been in Beijing and leaving to go down to Shenzhen.

rock garden structure
This and the following seven pictures are from the Forbidden City, located next to Tienamen Square. We spent about 5 hours wandering through it.

entrance gate protection
man made fake
entrance ornamental
court yard emperor
missile drills military
tourists Chinese kids
two pig tales adorable

The following seven pictures are from a Chinese Acrobat performance most of the group went to. It was really impressive what they could do.

University of Memphis Americans
dragon ball balancing
Each dragon was actually two people and they moved this ball all around the stage.

balance flipping cups spinning
This kid was amazing. He put bowls on the end of the plank he was balancing on and flung them onto his head. As you can see here, he did up to four at a time. I couldn't figure out how he got all the bowls to spin correctly.

spinning plates dancing Chinese
balance strength skill
hoop flip Chinese Acrobats
glass flexible contortionist

A couple of us took a nice relaxing break from the city to go to the Fragrant Hills. I understand why they call it fragrant - it's because it smells wonderful.

relaxation fragrence smell good
bridge hiking pond

The next six pictures are from various expeditions in wandering around the streets.

Buddism faith religion
dead animals raw meat stench stink
This area of town presented us with the most horrible stench we have ever smelled.

free haircuts school practise
I think I like my barber back home a little better.

proud parent cute kid
Bill Clinton advertisement
We could not figure out why Bill Clinton was in this advertisement.

E=MC2 f(b)-f(a)=f'(8) math equations china
A little taste of the equations I haven't seen in a few months. I'm not sure why they were up there.

Beijing University Bridge night
Above is a bridge on campus that I thought was very nice.

The next three pictures are of my class on the last day. We did performances. We did a little Tai Chi routine and they also sang a song - "You Are My Sunshine" - their choice.

dancing students
Chinese students sing
college students practise English
It was sad to go; we had a lot of fun together. One of the girls asked if I had a girlfriend. I replied that I didn't. Her reply was: "We are your girlfriends" as she pointed to four other girls in the class.

Here are some pictures of the very exciting 36 hour train ride from Beijing to Shenzhen. It was actually a lot of fun. We got to talk, see the country side, and watch movies on laptops.

China village peasant
peasants farmers rice
soft sleeper beds
nice train ride expensive
The last two were pictures of some of my friends and the people running the program. The nice tight living conditions on the train easily could have made us mad if we had been on there much longer.

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