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April, 2002
Welcome to my humble abodes. I stress the multiple because as of April 17th, 2002, I have moved into a different apartment. It was actually an interesting story involving being woken up in the morning and being told I have to move out of my apartment in three hours because it is going to be torn down. Very typically Chinese in that I had absolutely no time to get ready for it as opposed to the Western thought of having advanced notice of such things. So, the next eight pictures are of my old place, where I stayed for 8 months and the last ones are of my old place now and my new place.

Christ season merry
During the Christmas season, I decided to show Christmas to all of my neighbors. I put up Christmas lights in two windows that face a 15 story apartment building. This picture and the next show the lights I put up. I have found that I really like putting up Christmas lights.

Christ Lord God is born
After I took them down, I put them up inside my apartment which adds some nice non-flourescent light to my place. It makes it a lot nicer to read to.

old small Shenzhen
When you walk in, first, you will notice the couch. It is very nice to have a place to lie down other than my bed. I was quite excited when I first saw it. It's good for watching all the Chinese TV stations. Well, there are two English ones also.

desk apple computer
Looking back to where you just walked in from reveals my working desk and kitchen (part of it). This is mainly where I put these web page together and come up with lessons for the students, although sometimes, I take my computer to the park and work there. It's very relaxing. There isn't really a kitchen in here, just appliances scattered about.

apartment clothesline
Here is where I spend about 8-9 hours a day, depending on how much sleep I get and how long I read before I go to sleep. This is also where I set up my drying rack to dry clothes. Last week, I got spooked in the middle of the night because there was a wet pair of pants attacking me. (They fell off the line.)

tiny desk China
Here is a second desk, although this one is made for a little person, maybe about 4 feet tall, so I only use it as a place to set stuff.

toilet shower combo
And now, the most interesting part of this whole place, the bathroom/laundryroom/kitchen. The Chinese are very efficient with space. The toilet and shower are right next to each other. Next to that is the washing machine (which I am very glad to have) and the sink. The toilet also doubles as a garbage disposal since the sink has a small drain.

no squatter with shower
Here is a closer view of the toilet/shower area. This is actually convenient and I will probably miss it when I return to America. It is so much easier to clean your toilet this way. Every couple days, just spray it down and voila, it's clean. The only drawback is that I now understand why women complain about not putting the seat up. Everyday, the seat is completely covered in water.

And, following the tramatic week of moving, this is what my old place looks like and what my new place looks like. The pictures of my old place were taken the day after I left. So quickly they took out the airconditioner, the water heater, the washing machine, and almost all the furniture.

kicked out bye demolished
The couch I so enjoyed is left behind, only a memory now. I remember taking many naps on it. It wasn't quite tall enough for me, but it was very comfortable. I like it much better than the solid wooden one I have now.

garbage dirty
Not much left of it now.

blow up destroy salvage
I can't say I'll miss this one too much. I never did like the layout of it very much. The shower over the toilet so you couldn't quite stand and couldn't quite sit down. Didn't matter though because the shower head was only up to my shoulder.

refrigerator washing machine
Ahh, my new place. It is very nice, comparatively. I really like it. My contact teacher told me it is about 3 times bigger than my other place. Very nice. I actually don't know what to do with all the space. I basically have an extra bedroom that I don't know what to do with.

huge excessively furniture
It is really nice to have a dining room table. This place even has a kitchen, so I will finally be able to learn how to cook Chinese food. Well, I have actually started to at a Chinese friends place, but now I can much more often. (I might even buy a little bag of MSG, which is in a lot of Chinese food.)

hard couch entertainment system
I like my other living room better. But, I can't complain because pretty much my other place consisted of a bedroom and a living room. This place is much nicer overall.

box spring bed hard
My bedroom is about the same as my other place.

Shenzhen skyline tall buildings China
Oh, did I mention that this is on the 20th floor of a 30 floor apartment complex. This is the view out of my balcony. Yes, it even has a balcony. It is really nice. Everyone looks so small walking down on the streets below.

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